Tutor FAQ's

  Do I need to take Membership ? How much is the Membership fee

Yes, Tutor has to take Membership to contact the Student / Parents directly, The Membership Plans are 1. Basic Membership fee Rs 500. valid 1 month and up to 7 Tuition Requests. 2. Premium Membership Rs.800 Valid 2 Months and up to 20 Tuition requests

   I select the Student for the Tuition?

Yes, you can select your student directly by “SHOW INTEREST” on the Student’s profiles. Similarly students can also “SHOW INTEREST” on your profile and consequently you both will get Email and SMS alerts for an immediate response.

   How can I get myself registered as a Tutor on Availableguru?

Getting yourself registered on Availableguru is very easy. Just follow the signup link available on every page of AvailablGuru.com or you can click here to get directed to the Signup Form. You can just create your account by providing us with basic details, rest all like academic details & professional qualification etc, which you can update later on as per your convenience.

   I keep receiving alerts about tuitions available. But I am not able to contact with the person requiring tuitions. How do I get through this?

Tutor has to take Membership to contact the Student/Parent. with out Membership Tutor cannot Interact with the displayed Matching Tuition.

   When I can apply for a Tuition Job?

You can apply for a tuition job as soon as you have successfully created your account. But you have to use your bids given to you in case you are a free member. In case you already have a paid membership, then you have access to all contact information of students free of cost. You need not to apply any bid for applying for a tuition job.

   On one subscription how many tuituions will you allow us to contact ?

Subscribed Tutor can Request Student / Parent contact details with in their selected locations and Categories from the Matching Tuitions list.

   How do I subscribe Myself. I dont have any Bank Account.. is there any other option to pay the registration amount ? can I pay cash ? Pls do let me know the details of the subscription.

if you do not have Debit/Card card or Internet Banking facility You can directly deposit in our City Home Tuition account at any branch of HDFC bank. lo-gin into your profile and select subscription, and select payment option as Bank Deposit and schedule the deposit date and time.

   Can I browse student’s contact information when I am a under Free Membership on AvailablGuru?

Yes, you can access Student information even if you are under Free Membership. But this facility is available till you have bids. As soon as you have reached that level you have to upgrade your account.

   What benefits I will get if I subscribe as a tutor ?

Subscribed Tutor will receive new opening SMS/Email alerts and they can Interact directly with the Students/Parents from the Matching Tuition list which displays in their profile. I would like to know if my resume would be visible to ALL the students who ask for tutors OR it would be shown to those who demand to see it.

  How can I verify my Email & mobile number?

You can verify your Email & Mobile number by logging into your account & selecting Verify my Email or Verify my Mobile Number respectively from your dashboard.

  Whats is the guarantee that i will get a tuition if I pay Subscription? After paying the Subscription fee if i dont get any tuition with in the subscription period ?

After Subscription if the Tutor dont request any Student details and dont get any Student leads. then the tutor profile subscription period will get extend on the tutors request

   Do I get Email & SMS notifications for students visiting my profile?

Yes, you get notifications on your email & mobile phone when someone visits your profile. But you may have to use your bid to view contact information for the visitors in case you are not a paid member of AvailablGuru.

  What benefits I get when I am under paid or premium AvailablGuru Membership?

When you are a paid member, you will have access to certain advanced features offered by AvailablGuru. You can check the exclusive advantages & features by checking Tutor Subscription packages in the Subscription Menu. You can Just Click Here to check subscription details.