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Exam Fee : 500
Description :

This Certification is for those and who need to learn how to build and maintain websites, or looking to move into the area of web design, and gain the widely recognised Certification Certified Associate in Web Communication using Dreamweaver. The certification tests the candidates on various areas in HTML and dreamweaver which include knowledge of syntax and semantics of various tags of HTML, usage and techniques of dreamweaver. This course is suitable for students with little or no experience using Dreamweaver, but are looking for a comprehensive bootcamp style course which includes the Intermediate Dreamweaver using CSS course.

Topics to be covered:

1.     Overview of Dreamweaver

2.     Dreamweaver features, Document window and toolbar, Workspace Layouts

3.     Opening reviewing and saving files

4.     Building basic web pages

5.     Apply a template to a page

6.     Configure local, testing, and remote servers

7.     Working with fonts,  headings, paragraphs, bullet lists and Alignments

8.     Work with the Properties inspector in Design View

9.     Manage code by using Code View and Find and Replace code in Code View

10.   Working with layouts, images and image properties

11.   Working with links and URL’s, Absolute and relative links and Email links

12.   Working with Tables, frames pages and Page attributes

13.   Working with and creating web sites

14.   Managing sites

15.   Describe the HTML Reports that are available for testing


16.   Working with dynamic content

Test Details: : Duration: 60 minutes
No. of questions: 50 Maximum marks: 50,
Passing marks: 25 (50%);
There is no negative marking for any question

Tests will contain multiple choice question with/without coding / theory questions

This Course is in great demand and major companies in India hire them. International job consultants also are constantly looking for overseas jobs. The skill is also greatly in demand in super specialized projects.
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