Certified Basic Network Support Professional

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Exam Fee : 500
Description :

Certification Basic Network Support Professional helps demonstrate an individuals overall comprehension and expertise of supporting small and medium computer network. Basic Network Support Professional Certification holders have more than a working familiarity with networks, switches-they are technically skilled to take advantage of the breadth of features efficiently and effectively. Network support consists of day-to-day support of computer network and networking devices like hub, switches, etc. Certification covers basics of a computer network, networking media (wired and wireless), networking devices and configuration, management and troubleshooting of switches. It is in great demand in IT infrastructure companies, data centers, MNCs, Corporates and Government organizations.

Topics to be covered:

1.     Introduction to Networking Concepts

2.     Advantages & Disadvantages

3.     Network Types (LAN,WAN,MAN,PAN)

4.     Network Models (Peer-to-Peer and Client-and-Server)

5.     Network Topologies (Bus, Star, Ring)

6.     TCP/IP Protocol Architecture

7.     Network Characteristics

8.     Application, Transport, Internet and Network Access Layer

9.     Ethernet Data-Link Protocols and Frame

10.   PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)

11.   Technical Support

12.   WAN Technologies (Leased Lines, Circuit & Packet Switching & Cell Relay)

13.   Networking Support


14.   Managing enterprise networks including administering

Test Details: : Duration: 60 minutes
No. of questions: 50 Maximum marks: 50,
Passing marks: 25 (50%);
There is no negative marking for any question

Tests will contain multiple choice question with/without coding / theory questions

This Course is in great demand and major companies in India hire them. International job consultants also are constantly looking for overseas jobs. The skill is also greatly in demand in super specialized projects.
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