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Exam Fee : 500
Description :

Android is technology with endless possibilities. Today it runs mobile phones and tablets, tomorrow it might run our world. The new wave of communication has facilitated the burst in the numbers of smart phones and tablets being sold today. And Android is the technology that runs these devices. Backed by Google Inc, Android allows third party developers to create free apps that can be downloaded. This is what makes a programmer in android application development so valuable. With the number of Android devices set to rise exponentially, things will only get better. Become an Android application developer. Learn about the various stages of development on the Android platform, and study topics related to user interface, application services, permissions and security, graphics and video resources, data persistence, monitoring tools, mobile app marketing, application hosting and more. Obtain core Java development skills while you explore key concepts for building rich applications using advanced features. You will acquire the advanced development skills needed to release your own high-quality app to the Android marketplace.

Topics to be covered:

1.     Activities, Fragments, and Intents

2.     Designing Your User Interface with Views

3.     Getting to Know the Android User Interface

4.     Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views

5.     Messaging

6.     Content Providers

7.     Data Persistence

8.     Networking

9.     Location-Based Services

10.   Developing Android Services


11.   Publishing Android Applications 

Test Details: : Duration: 60 minutes
No. of questions: 50 Maximum marks: 50,
Passing marks: 25 (50%);
There is no negative marking for any question

Tests will contain multiple choice question with/without coding / theory questions

This Course is in great demand and major companies in India hire them. International job consultants also are constantly looking for overseas jobs. The skill is also greatly in demand in super specialized projects.
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