Certified Computer Fundamentals (MS Office) Professional

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Exam Fee : 500
Description :

MS-Office suite of office application software allows organizations to efficiently and effectively undertake daily office operations and support and connect disparate business systems. It is an essential course for beginners, novices and professionals to portray their skill competence in using MS-Office software for day to day office work. There is a huge demand for MS-Office professionals. The module will concentrate on Computer Basics, MS-DOS, MS-Windows and MS-Office which are used extensively in offices. This course benefits students who wish to make a career in office administration, facility management and front office management. This course is also beneficial for professionals who are already working and want to acquire knowledge in this segment of industry. Students will be ready for jobs from day 1 since this is a high demand skill in companies. A Certified Computer Fundamentals (MS Office) professional could have employment opportunities in offices using MS Office for their day to day work.

Topics to be covered:

1.     Basic Computer Components

2.     Computer Appreciation

3.     Windows Basics

4.     MS - WORD

5.     MS - EXCEL


7.     MS - ACCESS

8.     Explaining Virus and it''s types, spread and preventive measures to follow.

9.     Data Processing concepts explaining input, process and output cycle

10.   Illustrating Networking concepts about networks(LAN,WAN), topology(Bus, Ring, Star), internet and intranet

Test Details: : Duration: 60 minutes
No. of questions: 50 Maximum marks: 50,
Passing marks: 25 (50%);
There is no negative marking for any question

Tests will contain multiple choice question with/without coding / theory questions

This Course is in great demand and major companies in India hire them. International job consultants also are constantly looking for overseas jobs. The skill is also greatly in demand in super specialized projects.
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